GameGeex - Snoop Lion first performance caught in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Ever wondered what the transformation into a reincarnated being looks like?

In possibly the strangest story to come out this week, Snoop Dogg has announced he has undergone a spiritual transformation and come out the other side Snoop Lion.  It seems he is now the reincarnation of Bob Marley, something that occurred during a recent visit to Jamaica.  Yesterday the folks at TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 reached out to let us all know that they actually have the first recording of Snoop Lion in the video below.  Hit the 2:19 mark to see Snoop Lion in his music video "Knock 'Em Down" and see if you see the spiritual awakening and his first foray into Reggae.

I used to be of the opinion that Snoop Dogg was probably one of the saner rappers out there.  Perhaps he really is just bored with Rap, as he says, and wants to move on to Reggae -- and that's fine.  But when you start claiming to suddenly be the reincarnation of someone famous that's when my crazy radar starts tingling.  In any case it makes for an interesting story, and I'm grateful for NAMCO BANDAI for sharing it with us.



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This is just... odd.

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Perfectly sane... after all, i'm the reincarnation of Short Round.

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