GameGeex - Sneak a peak at the awesome Guild Wars 2 Gamescom booth Take a look at the awesome display ArenaNet has set up for the attendees in Cologne.

Many of us (myself included) are not able to physically be in Cologne, Germany for Gamescom 2012.  I promised myself I would make it this year, but alas life got in the way.  Today as the floor opens for the general public, they'll get a chance to see some awesome booth design from the gaming companies as they try to show one another up on the convention floor.  

The Guild Wars 2 booth is no exception -- in fact it's rather exceptional (see what I did there?)  Hit the jump and see what ArenaNet spent their Euros on this year (hint, there's a water feature).  I am so not missing this show next year.



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I want that display in our living room.

Even more than that, I want a living room that could fit that display.

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