GameGeex - Check out Remember Me's Rendition of 2084 Neo-Paris Ever wanted to vision the world a few decades from now? Well, this may not be completely it but it's close enough!

Dontnod's upcoming action-RPG, Remember Me in a sense, looks rather promising. I can't guarantee anyone that Capcom has opted to fix the atrocious voice-over work we all heard previously, but I can at least say the world they crafted is quite stunning.

In Remember Me, players will get to control Nilin, a "memory hunter" who roams the streets of Neo Paris. The concept is quite interesting where the whole premise of the future involves the trading of memories. Still, I hope it doesn't come off as too cheesy or over done. Regardless, roaming this chaotic sci-fi world seems like a load of fun. The future seems dark with this one...

Remember Me is scheduled for a May 2013 release. Check out the gallery below for screenshots of the game's Paris in the year 2084.

pic1.jpg (640w x 360h)
pic2.jpg (640w x 360h)
pic5.jpg (640w x 360h)
pic3.jpg (640w x 360h)
pic4.jpg (640w x 360h)
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