GameGeex - Transister announced from the minds of Bastion Supergiant Games has been sitting on a supergiant secret, which they revealed to the world today: A sci-fi Action RPG that looks just as beautiful as Bastion.

There are few games have have moved me the way Bastion did.  From the moment I stumbled on it on the E3 show floor, I knew this was something special.  And since I finished playing the game, I have been waiting to see what Supergiant Games would do next.  Well today they revealed their next title, another Action RPG set in a beautiful and dangerous Sci-Fi universe.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce Transistor.  This game focuses on a city known as Cloudbank, an idyllic utopia where not everything is as peaceful as it seems.  The main character is a chap named Red who seems to be the next target of a huge government cleanup program -- a program that is making citizens disappear.  Red wields a mysterious weapon of unknown origin as he battles his way through the futuristic landscape unraveling the mystery of what is happening to the city's citizens.

Intrigued?  I know I am.  Hit the jump for the reveal trailer and some yummy screenshots.  Transistor is playable at PAX East, and is slated for a 2014 release date, but the platforms have yet to be determined.



Transistor_19-mar-2013_01.jpg (1920w x 1080h)
Transistor_19-mar-2013_02.jpg (1920w x 1080h)
Transistor_19-mar-2013_03.jpg (1920w x 1080h)
Transistor_19-mar-2013_04.jpg (1920w x 1080h)

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OOOOohhhhh this game looks so beautiful! The art style is just so captivating. Though, I wonder who will narrate this time, heh.

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Love the music

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