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GameGeex - IGN accused of medical malpractice... virtually of course IGN did a run through on Surgeon Simulator 2013. Not sure if troll or...

Not sure if I should be laughing at this video or not but i'm not going to lie here, it was funny. The boys down at IGN played the just-released Steam game, Surgeon Simulator 2013, which apprently "teaches you how hard heart surgery is." And judging by this video, i'm sure it's pretty damn difficult.

The game allows you to become the doctor, who performs heart surgery on a patient, and are given a bunch of tools to get the job done. In the game, all you get to control is the hand and each finger has its own button. Let's just say I have a full understanding of why video games just have one button to do full character actions now.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 was released on April 19th, 2013 on PC for all of you aspiring M.D. to enjoy. But for now, just watch IGN's play through.

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