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GameGeex - Nathan Fillion wins Zelda, literally Fans from the latest geek convention got a chance to pose with the king of the nerds himself, and this was the greatest result.

I don't know where this is from, but it's awesome:  Evidently there's a convention that recently happened where fans were able to pose for a picture with Nathan Fillion.  This particular entry just proves how amazing the guy really is.  It turns out that after all that saving Link never gets to be with Zelda -- Fillion nabs her and gives him what for in return.  Hit the jump to the image so amazing I had to share it.  



Alright, back to your ho hum day.  

[via Kotaku, source Reddit]

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Lol wow.... That face.

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He is the man. Ranks right up there next to Bruce Campbell. 

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