GameGeex - Batman: Arkham Origins teaser is here! Everyone loves Batman. Others love Deathstroke. Now you can love both... AT THE SAME TIME!

Do you like Batman? Do you like Arkham City? Do you like Deathstroke? HOW ABOUT ALL THREE TOGETHER!?

The game comes out on October 25th, 2013. For now, enjoy the teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins. Epic live action or Amazing CGI? You decide. Click the jumper for the trailer.

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I want to be excited, but I've been burned by franchises that switch development studios. Rocksteady isn't working on this, and this is just a pre-rendered movie, so I'm going to withhold judgement for now.

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True true. Though it would be difficult to royally mess up a series like this one. Hopefully I'm not proven wrong.

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One word:  Revengeance.

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I liked Revengeance ":3

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