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GameGeex - Curiosity is satiated as a player earns god status for winning the game After months of clicking, someone finally won 22cans gaming experiment Curiosity: What's inside the Cube. What exactly was inside?

Behold Brian Henderson, your future ruler -- well sort of.  Henderson has just had his life changed by 22cans, the company Peter Molyneux started last year.  The developer's first game, Curiosity: What's In The Cube has just concluded, with Henderson being the lucky person to destroy the last cubelet.  So what exactly was inside the Cube?  The answer isn't all that surprising.

Essentially Curiosity is one huge promotion for Godus, 22cans' next game.  They say that now that Henderson has won he will become the god of Godus, making the rules and sharing in a portion of the profits of the game.  Molyneux promised the contents of the cube would be life changing, but I'm not sure how much a small residual on what amounts to an indie title will affect.  Certainly Henderson is getting a good amount of press, so perhaps this 18-year old from Scotland will have his life changed by this after all. My guess is that his life wasn't nearly as exciting before he clicked on the cube two days ago.  

Henderson had only been playing the game for an hour or so, having registered that morning for the 22cans app,  before he won.  This after people have been working collectively since November of last year to win the game.  Now they will have their morals built by this chap -- and Brian help us.

Here's the video he saw when he won the game.  For something so life changing it's actually pretty low on the production value.




[via gamesindustry, source]


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