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GameGeex - Geex Service Announcment: The Summer Steam Sale has begun It's time for great deals on great games. What will you pick up today?

Here's a note for any PC gamers out there:  The Steam Summer Getaway Sale started yesterday.  Now is the time to start picking up all those titles you couldn't afford throughout the year.  

As with previous sales there are daily deals, but this year Valve is introducing something called Steam Trading Cards.  Certain games come with a Trading Card which you can collect and unlock badges and discounts.  Great, like we needed another thing that feeds our obsessive collecting.

The sale runs between July 11th and July 22nd.  Grab your games before they go back to their ridiculously inflated original prices.

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[GodzillaIsYourDaddy] @ 7:19:20 PM Jul 12, 2013
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Ah, no wonder I got cards from just logging in to play Skyrim. Intriguing. I definitely like the art on the cards, makes me stare at them longer than I intended to. :P

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Just pictured a bunch of gamers buying cheap games just for cards lolol

[GodzillaIsYourDaddy] @ 8:29:37 PM Jul 12, 2013
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I unfortunately will not take advantage of this sale, I already got all the games I wanted this year. Been pretty much jumping from Skyrim to LOL to Mass Effect trilogy every now and then, so I am set!

[Mandifesto] @ 8:37:43 AM Jul 13, 2013
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Ken, I'm pretty sure that's the entire point of the cards.

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Every time I log onto Steam and see nothing in the sale I want or feel a need to own I breath a sigh of relief. 

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Steam sales. Killing wallets since 2002... Wait, that's a year before its launch. Mmmm I'm sure it's still been doing that then!

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Just a quick note, if you already own the game you can get the first three random cards just by playing - Its not restricted to only those who purchase games during the Summer Sale. Its also worth noting that in order to collect the full set for each game, you have to trade with other players.

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