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GameGeex - Counter Strike parody aired on SNL Korea features eSports Pros SNL Korea aired a parody to Counter Strike which features two big-named Starcraft 2 pros.

SNL Korea aired a parody on Counter Strike which features two big named Starcraft 2 pros, BoxeR (now retired) and Yellow, the current coach of Xenics Storm. Goes to show how big eSports is in Korea. The parody was overly exaggerated, which is to be expected, and quite humorous. Also, since it is technically an SNL Korea parody, they say you need a full understanding of Korean culture to get all of the comedic tidbits.Still Just a little something for you to watch in your spare time!

Click the jump below to check out the video.

Also, if you didn't understand the Nongae reference, it's a little piece of history:

In 1593, the Japanese were finally successful in their invasion of Suyeong fortress after the failure of their first that launched the Japanese invasion of Korea (1592-1598). To celebrate the victory, soldiers forced all kisaengs, female entertainers, to join them at the Chokseongnu Pavilion on a cliff which overlooked the Nam River. Nongae was called to entertain the victorious Japanese generals alongside other kisaengs. She led the general, Keyamura Rokusuke to the cliff where she embraced him, held fast her fingers with rings that locked her around him and cast herself along with the general into the river, killing them both.

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