GameGeex - The Best Thing at CES was Named Christine -- No Not the Car Razer unleashed their concept for a modular gaming PC upon CES, and the result was worth crushing a sentient car for.

CES 2014 has concluded, and those of us who followed the announcements out of the gaming companies that attended are still sifting through the awesomeness.  The biggest reveal, in my mind, was the news that Razer was working on a modular high end gaming PC concept dubbed Project Christine.

This beautiful piece of hardware is essentially a connected array of separate water-cooled modules, each designed to house one of the components of a gaming rig.  Looking to upgrade your hard drive space?  Just pull out your hard drive module and pop in a new one?  It's a simple yet elegant solution to a problem most gamers have today:  The hardware season is as short as the shoe season is -- about three months.  With the need to upgrade your hardware every couple of months, it's not only a pain but potentially dangerous for your system to keep cracking the case every time you need to swap components.  Project Christine will solve this problem for gamers once and for all.  Which means this very well could be the last gaming PC you ever have to buy.

As you might be able to tell, I'm pretty excited by the prospect of a modular setup such as this.  No, I don't need something that looks like the radiator off of an evil starship, but I could definitely need a computer that let me switch components out with ease.  This is definitely the sort of system I would save up my pennies for.  What about you?  What do you think about Razer's ambitious Project Christine? Does is rev your engines too?


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This thing is SWEET. Though, I wonder if it will actually become a reality XD I mean, their Blade exists now but I preferred the Concept: Switchblade it originally was supposed to be.

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