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GameGeex - Industry Artists make free magazine to help aspiring artists Industry artists create a resource for all aspiring artists to use. Check out The Vertex here!

Maybe you have seen all sorts of concept art and character designs and have always wondered how you could get that good. Game artist Ryan Hawkins felt your pain and was tired of the limited commercial resources available to aspiring artists so he and some of his industry buddies made a nice little magazine called The Vertex. And get this. It's all free for anyone to enjoy.

This nifty ebook is a must have for any aspiring game artist I feel, or at least those among you who are looking to learn the ropes or even advance their studies. Having gone through both volumes, the art book is a very specific and informative resource. Now anyone can learn how to create some of these awesome concepts and learn how to make their use practical in a gaming enviornment. If you have ever seen one of those fancy photoshop or VFX art books, this is very similar except it is focused around gaming.

If I were you, I would take heavy advantage of this free service these artists have to offer. They don't have to do this for us at all but they chose to and it's something to appreciate. If you're an aspiring game artist, or at least want to check out the work of others, you can find both volumes here to download.

If you want to check out some of the pages, I have some down here for you:

[Images via The Vertex]

TheVertex2.png (1317w x 923h)
TheVertex3.png (1341w x 935h)
TheVertex4.png (1325w x 941h)

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The Vertex looks to be a great resource for aspiring artists like myself.

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Yea, a lot of the stuff inside the magazine is really cool.

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I will be sharing this link to several people I have in mind, thanks for sharing! On a side note, an ex of mine does concept art and has done some frelance with WoW outside of his company here: Look at all the work they've done on CoD! Concept art isn't a dream anymore, it IS attainable :) Here is a link to a recent piece of work

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Wow, those are really nice, kudos! Also, welcome to the site!

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Thank you for the warm welcome!

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