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GameGeex - How I felt after URF Mode was removed from League of Legends This is how I felt when Riot removed URF from the game. /sads

It's a sad day for most League of Legends fans as the infamous U.R.F. mode has officially been removed from the game. What started as an April Fool's joke grew into something quite big and surprisingsly well-recieved. Many players from all over the world enjoyed it, some even returning to the game from a brief absense. I for one enjoyed it. May you R.I.P URF mode!

However, after URF has left us, what was originally labeled as "second place" on my Recent Matches Tab are now "Defeats." Riot just added salt to my wounds and made me cry even more. C'mon Riot! I live for second place! Guess it was just one big April Fool's Joke after all... /le sigh.



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