GameGeex - Crimson Alliance releases Direwolf trailer Certain Affinity shows off their take on the mage in this trailer for their upcoming Action RPG.

Certain Affinity wants you to be excited about their upcoming Action RPG Crimson Alliance.  If you are a fan of the Diablo-esque hack and slash RPGs, you probably already are.  Me?  I've been waiting for information about the mage class.  Luckily, they released a brand new trailer that shows off Direwolf in all his magical splendor, complete with snazzy collar.

Crimson Alliance is a four player coop romp coming exclusively to XBLA as the last game featured in the Xbox Summer of Live Arcade.  I had a killer fun time playing the game when I got my hands on it at E3, and can't wait until September 7th when I can play the full title without the restrictions of appointment times and embargo limits.  

Enjoy the trailer after the jump.  



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Direwolf is such a badass name. I'd be stoked to be called that.

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