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GameGeex - Nightwing revealed as Arkham City DLC Warner Bros. gives release dates and pricing for both Nightwing and Robin bundle packs.

So many DLC options for Batman: Arkham City, so little time. Or money, depending on which is more valuable to you. Along with all the other bundles you've got lined up for you, Warner Bros. Interactive today revealed that Nightwing is also going to be available for purchase in the upcoming title.

Nightwing will come with his own unique little gadgets to play with, as well as his own fighting style to keep the experience fresh. He’ll also be usable in all the challenge stages, and even comes with two additional maps, Wayne Manor and Main Hall. To close out the deal, those who purchase the bundle will get a Nightwing Animated Series skin, since everyone knows that the Animated Series is the best Batman iteration ever.

They’ve also given out release dates and pricing on both Nightwing and Robin packs. The former will be available on November 1, while the Boy Wonder will be getting his time in the spotlight November 22. Both packs will be priced at 560 MS points over XBLA, and $6.99 on PSN. The game itself is set to drop next week. My advice: either start putting some extra cash aside, or plan out which packs you want the most.

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What these new developers have done with the Batman games series is amazing. The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is amazing, the game progression is flawless, the combat is thrilling, and most of all this is the best Batman game series so far (my opinion). The developers of this game have included so much variety, you can play as Batman, Catwoman, Robin, and now Nightwing. Who knows, they might reveal another playable character soon. There are way too many great games coming out this quarter. If I can find the time, I will most definitely buy this game and at least try to finish the campaign as Batman.

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I had no idea they were doing so much with DLC for this game and the prices are fairly reasonable. It's good to see that they're doing things to keep the gameplay fresh.

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Mmm let me try and recall some DC universe knowledge. Nightwing is Robin once he breaks away from Batman as a sidekick right? Remember it from a comic AND Teen Titans lol.

The previous installment to this game was pretty cool. I'm enjoying the availability of other characters in this game and instead of being limited to a..prison + other minor stages, this is the whole darn city. A bit more depth if you will.

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Yup, you are correct, Nightwing is the former Robin.

I love the freedom factor in games, like in the GTA and Assassins Creed series. Arkham Asylum limited the player with boundaries but the variety (outdoor missions) made it feel more open. A very good Batman game if I say so myself.

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I completely enjoyed Batman: AA - I cant wait to get my hands on this.

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To be honest, I never really game Batman: AA the chance it deserved, I wrote it off a little too soon. I'll try not to make the same mistake with this game.

[Mandifesto] @ 9:30:39 AM Oct 12, 2011
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Batman AA:   "Hi my name is Bob, and I'm a Bat-a-holic."  "Hi Bob!"

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This is Bob. He was a decent man, and we're not gonna bury him in the #$%ing garden!  Hehe


Batman AA was awesome and I can't wait to pickup this next one, DLC angst or not.

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