GameGeex - Pirates get a big surprise if they try to download Serious Sam 3 Croteam once again shows their awesomeness by sneaking in an interesting little quirk that counters piracy.

Piracy sucks. Pretty much everyone knows this. Countering piracy is also a difficult endeavor to pull off without collateral damage, something companies like Ubisoft have been having troubles with lately with their DRM practices.

Enter Croteam, one of several companies that have found more creative measures to counter illegal downloads. With Serious Sam 3, there is apparently a part in the game that summons an enemy if the person obtained the game illegally. Not just any enemy, either, but a fast moving, immortal Scorpion monster that follows the offending player everywhere until they finally succumb to its machine gun fire.

This method brings to mind similar cases in the past, such as Batman's sudden memory loss of how to glide in Arkham Asylumas well as the ingenious sting done in Garry's Mod to catch pirates red handed. Check out the Immortal Scorpion after the jump.




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The hamster....

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