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GameGeex - GGX True Gamer Story: Mike Schramm Fellow video game journalist Mike Schramm takes a moment to share an uplifting story of drakes and races.

Friend and fellow journalist Mike Schramm of WoWI/Joystiq/TUAW fame takes a few moments of his hectic schedule to share a real life story of how WoW has positively influenced his life. I would try to paraphrase here but honestly, just watch the video after the jump: I couldn't possibly retell this story any better than he did.

Mandie and I have known Schramm for several years, since 2007 when we were all three contributing to WoW Insider. I can personally attest to the changes I've seen in him - not just his physical form, in which he has definitely slimmed down since the first time we met, but also in his personality. As we are all game journalists, we tend to run in the same circles, figuratively speaking, we end up bumping into each other at various conventions and press events throughout the year. Each time I am struck by how much more outgoing and energetic he is than the previous time. I would go so far as to say that the Mike Schramm I was first introduced to was just an outer shell of the man he currently is.

Definitely take a moment the watch the video and share your own thoughts or stories in the comments below. Its stories like these that make me proud to call myself a gamer, against all the negative stereotypes that we are compared to each and every day.



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Lol waay cool. Unfortunately, I barely understood the WoW language he spoke but hey, still a nice story. I'm going to assume you guys were there, because I'm almost certain, I recognized some laughs :D.

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Hehe Unfortunately no, we weren't in attendance. Mike actually participates in an improv group that performs most Fridays, but we haven't yet had the time or money to go up and see them.

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