GameGeex - Paradox Interactive brings danger to the themepark with Dungeonland It's the only theme park for adventurers, but the gameplay is straight out of Dungeons and Dragons.

Paradox Interactive is a small boutique game publisher based in Poland with big ambitions.  They are most well known for their modestly successful Magika, this week they announced what is possibly the most intriguing game I've heard of in a while. Dubbed Dungeonland, this little co-op romp is set in a theme park built for adventurers.  While it's a four player game, only three players actually play characters in the theme park.  The fourth takes on the role of a sadistic Dungeonmaster, who controls the theme park, dangers the other players face, and ultimately, their fate.  Hit the jump to watch the announcement trailer, and check out this novel little hack and slash for yourself.  


Dungeonland has no release date as of yet.

dungeonland_screenshot13.jpg (1920w x 1080h)
dungeonland_concept_art_-_imp.jpg (1920w x 1080h)
dungeonland_concept_art_-_dragon_0.jpg (1920w x 1080h)
dungeonland_concept_art_-_rabbit.jpg (1920w x 1080h)
dungeonland_concept_art_characters.jpg (1920w x 1080h)
dungeonland_screenshot04.jpg (1920w x 1080h)
dungeonland_screenshot00.jpg (1920w x 1080h)
dungeonland_screenshot09.jpg (1920w x 1080h)
dungeonland_screenshot010.jpg (1920w x 1080h)
dungeonland_screenshot06.jpg (1920w x 1080h)
dungeonland_packshot_2d_blank_hires.jpg (1615w x 2255h)

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Well... it's very dangerously cute. lol

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