GameGeex - Take your 3DS to the Louvre France's most famous museum is now offering tours for those who own a Nintendo 3DS.

Art lovers rejoice, a new program has started up at the Louvre museum in Paris, France, that will allow you to take a tour with an unconventional sort of guide -- a Nintendo 3DS.  Through a partnership with Nintendo, last week the museum replaced their old auditory tour system with a bunch of 3DS handhelds so that museum visitors can experience a new level of interactivity.  Each 3DS comes preloaded with 700 bits of trivia and information about the various pieces of art around the museum, as well as an interactive map that will help guide you through the massive wings and exhibits.

The Louvre is my second favorite museum in Paris, mostly because of just how friggin' huge it is.  If I had had access to the 3DS tour system when I was last in the City of Lights, I probably would have had an easier time doing my Art History homework.  

The new 3DS tour system is operational now, and costs $6.50.  What they don't say is how they will keep people from walking away from the museum with a $7.00 gaming system.  Hit the jump to watch the video that introduces the process to the World Wide Web.



[via LA Times, image via stuckincustoms]

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