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GameGeex - Geek Morning America: What's your guilty gaming pleasure? We're talking about the guilty side of gaming.

Good morning Geex!  The other night I dreamt that I had a framed Castleville poster on my wall.  When someone asked about it, I had told them "it's my guilty pleasure game."  Yes, indeed, I play a social game, and what's more I enjoy it.  I know what the gaming community thinks about these games, but for me, Castleville is one of those games that I like to play when I have time between tasks.

But the dream last night had me wake up and realize I had to ask the Game Geex about this issue.  So let's bare our souls.  What's your guilty pleasure game?  

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I try to make a casual game my guilty pleasure but I just find I can't dig in. It's too limited and repetitive for my tastes. My guilty pleasure has been for some time, Minecraft. Most of my other gamer friends can't understand it, so it's like my dirty little secret I share with a limited group. I love building, but only with the threat of danger around the corner. It's like playing legos with a three-year-old who is prone to temper tantrums. 



[fraggadier] @ 1:34:42 PM Apr 26, 2012
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My guilty pleasure game is, Banjo kazooie

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OVER 9000!!!!!!!! Hours clocked in both Sonic Adventure 1 and 2's chao garden. I also played and beat 100% both games numerous amounts of times because back in the day, those were the only games I ever played lol.

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Thats a good question. I would have to say WoW, with my main, level 85 warlock, having over a year of played time on him. This doesnt include my other alts that I also have a lot of time played on them.

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My "guilty pleasure" game? Thats a tough question. I know I have my "Dont let me near it or you wont see me for days" game (Front Mission 4) and my "If I get near it Ill be locked into a project until 3am" game (Minecraft), but as far as a game that I am kind of ashamed to admit how much I enjoy it? Thats a tricky one to nail down.

I would probably have to go with CastleVania HD on XBLA. Its got no story to speak of and no real progression other than grinding the same stages over and over for that 0.00001% chance at a better drop, but Ive always been a hopeless addict for 2D Platformers of the CastleVania/Metroid vain. I just wish Konami would come out with a brand new 2D HD CastleVania with a real story line and a full map to explore.

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Two words: Animal Crossing.

[Classic Contagious Gaming] @ 1:18:16 PM Apr 27, 2012
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I'm a little kid trapped in a big body. I have a few guilty pleasures:

Pokemon games

Dragon Warrior Monsters (the original one.  I just started playing it again)

Viva Pinata (wife always makes fun of me when i play this. The only game i have gotten 100% on the achievements.)


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I had to stop playing Viva Pinata because it seemed too cruel to feed some of your pets to others.

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