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GameGeex - Into The Pixel 2012 Winners announced Feast your eyes on some of the best in-game and concept artwork around.

This year's winners of the annual Into The Pixel Contest have been revealed, and you can definitely tell that each and every image selected is worthy of the title. Take a moment to look over these beautiful in-game and concept art selections from popular games including Mass Effect 3, Diablo 3, Assassin's Creed 3 and Skullgirls 3- er, one. Only one. Sorry, got into a rhythm there.

See the full list of winners and the art work that got them the title after the jump - And congratulations to all the winners!



Title of Artwork Game Artist(s) Developer Publisher
Arabian Night Crazy Fairies Fan Xiao Qing Spicy Horse Games Spice Horse Games
Aria Mass Effect 3 Ben Huen BioWare Electronic Arts
Battle Charge Assassin's Creed III William Wu Ubisoft Montreal Ubisoft
Broken Overpass The Last of Us Shaddy Safadi Naughty Dog Sony Computer Entertainment America, LLC
Gravity Daze Gravity Rush Takeshi Oga Sony Computer Entertainment WorldWide Studios - Japan Studio Sony Computer Entertainment
Gunsmith Wild East Eytan Zana, Cliff Childs, Tyler West
Double Helix Games, West Studios
Leah Close-Up Diablo III Nick Carpenter, Graham Cunningham, Xin Wang, Chris Thunig, Fausto De Martini, Mathias Verhasselt, Till Aschwanden, Fin Teo, John Lanz Blizzard Entertainment Activision Blizzard
Little Insmouth Skullgirls Willy Hwang, Alex Ahad Reverge Labs Autumn Games
Priory Guild Wars 2 Daniel Dociu ArenaNet NCSoft
Refinery Entrance Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Susan Luo Red Store Entertainment Ubisoft Entertainment
Regent Dishonored Sergey Kolesov Arkane Studios Bethesda Softworks
Shopkeeper Dota 2 Jim Murray Valve Software Valve Software
Snowland Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Ben Kerslake, Sun Guo Liang

Spicey Horse Games Spicey Horse Games
Spire Vista Halo 4 John Wallin Liberto 343 Industries Microsoft
The 2048 Grid Wipeout 2048 Darren Douglas Studio Liverpool Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
The Call to Adventure Journey Matt Nava thatgamecompany Sony Computer Entertainment America, LLC
Diablo3-LeahClose-up.jpg (1500w x 638h)
AkaneiroDemonHunters-SnowLand.jpg (1500w x 634h)
CrazyFairies-ArabianNight.jpg (1500w x 795h)
AssassinsCreedIII-BattleCharge.jpg (1500w x 631h)
Dishonored-Regent.jpg (1500w x 766h)
DotA2-Shopkeeper.jpg (971w x 1500h)
Skullgirls-LittleInsmouth.jpg (1500w x 800h)
WildEast-Gunsmith.jpg (1500w x 844h)
Wipeout2048-The2048Grid.jpg (1500w x 656h)
GhostReconFutureSoldier-RefineryEntrance.jpg (1500w x 924h)
GravityDaze-GravityRush.jpg (911w x 1500h)
GuildWars2-Priory.jpg (1500w x 1013h)
Halo4-SpireVista.jpg (1500w x 893h)
Journey-TheCalltoAdventure.jpg (1500w x 1103h)
LastofUs-BrokenOverpass.jpg (1500w x 894h)
MassEffect3-Aria.jpg (899w x 1500h)

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Breath taking!  That is phenomenal work.

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