GameGeex - Jet Set Radio complete tracklist sounds pretty familiar Sega is making sweet sweet music with the latest Jet Set Radio trailer

Sega is pretty jazzed about announcing the worldwide soundtrack selections for their upcoming HD remake of Jet Set Radio.  The trouble is, even according to Sega themselves, this isn't really news.  Why not?  Because the majority of the songs in the game will be identical to the original.  Which isn't surprising, considering that means they don't have to relicense songs and spend more dev time updating the music in the game.  The surprise comes when we realize they thought this was something to be proud of.

I mean hey, at the time the soundtrack for the game was awesome, and today it's still pretty groovy.  But I'm not sure I would be proud enough to announce that I am not updating a key piece of a game. But that's just me.  Maybe this is less a remake and more of a port.

Jet Set Radio HD will be available on PC, PSN and XBLA sometime this Summer.  Roller blades not included.


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