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GameGeex - GameGeex turns 1 year old today! In honor of our first full trip around the sun, the writers of GameGeex take a moment to look back on some of their favorite posts.

It is hard to believe that it's been a full year since the launch of GameGeex. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was holed up inside a sparsely furnished room in The Standard, coding frantically to get the last few "must have" features in while Mandie and Mick attended the E3 press conferences in the city below. Try as I might, however, the comment system was just a little too stubborn, and we ended up officially launching the site on the 12th, a day after E3 came to a close. Still, I don't think I would have it any other way, as 6/12 is an amazingly easy date to remember.

In order to celebrate our first full year as the official Gaming Blog of the People, a title I just made up right now, I have asked our writers to point out a few of their favorite posts from the past year. Hit the jump below to see what posts we absolutely loved, and feel free to add your own favorites in the comments below.

Thanks again for frequenting GameGeex, and lets try to make the coming year even better than the previous one!

Arthur "Arturis" Orneck  - Our launch post, the one that started it all. I still get a surge of adrenaline every time I see this header image, and can hear the crowd at BlizzCon shouting "Geek is!" in unison.  - The first "State of the Union" style post I wrote, clearly laying out our goals as a small up-and-coming gaming blog and how the reader can help us fight our way into the industry. I mostly love it because I had an excuse to feature our fluffy, scruffy little hell hound, Vash the Stampede.  - This post has been positioned atop our Most Popular sidebar since the day I wrote it. I like the fact that so many people are interested in tabletop gaming, and it is a constant reminder that I need to follow up on the topic now that a few months have passed. - A swift kick to break Ken's posting dominance. It had to be done in order to assert my Alpha Role over the pack.
Amanda "Mandifesto" Orneck The call to arms, the beginning of an era, and the day we started controlling our own fate. When you accidentally submit a story directly to the game director, rarely do you expect a response.  Not only did we get a response, but our first pre-release copy of a game, and for that I am very proud of this post. There's something extremely satisfying about knowing that Notch himself read this post. I adored this series on MMOSite, and was  ecstatic to see it brought over to Game Geex.  I love being able to read intelligent analysis about the gaming industry. Because when there's nothing much to say about a trailer, a great film noire pun can go a long way.

Ken "Chaobo98" Serra
It's very rare you'll find a game so perfect that it wins awards in every category by yours truly. had this up about 10mins before everyone else. And when I mean everyone else, I mean G4 lol. But unfortunately, we're not quite as big xD This was my first eSports article. It's one of my favorites because it made me think about how large competitive gaming has become and how possible it is to make it in.

Bruce "Nekoperator" Fraser This one was just a lot of fun to write and the blast of nostalgia was delicious. I love how this was written, along with the pictures and header image, a great read. Always makes me happy when Resident Evil and Leon S. Kennedy are mentioned, especially when "earlier" is included.

Kim "CaptainSymphony" Grondowski most memorable, as well as very first post I'd read up on after having met Amanda and Ken at at the Call of Duty XP event last year. Little did I know that I would one day be joining their team of great writers on the site. I first hated reading this post, but then I came to love it. While it may seem disheartening to have to wait even longer, it's great knowing that devs aren't rushing out a game, and that they're genuinely taking the time they need in order to make the game the best it can be. A great review and analysis of the game, with visually stunning screenshots to boot. Despite it being PS3 exclusive, it convinced me to want to put up with their terrible controllers in order to experience the journey for myself. Obligatory first post on the site, and for that reason, one I re-wrote and re-wrote, itching to get perfect. Here's hoping many more similar articles follow...

Ohan "Fraggadier" Ghazarian killrogs its a very ridiculously funny comic. And it brings awareness to not make helms based off of creatures. Mages die every day with the confusion of apparel death bringing spiders. The Announcement of Star Wars 1313 because it actually looks like a great look star wars game. It isn't Battlefront 3 but it will do. Loved the over dramatic hate for what blizzard did for the healer. Very much shows how hardcore Amanda is. The post was absolutely pointless, therefore I love it. Also confused me a bit on why the picture for the post is what I think to be is the dragon language.

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Happy Birthday, Game Geex! Here's to a long and successful life! :P

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We've come a log way in a year, further than I thought we would, and it only gets better from here.

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