GameGeex - Civ 5 Gods and Kings chants about religion in latest dev diary 2k Games is adding in new cultural elements to their upcoming turn-based strategy game, among them the touchiest of subjects.

You might not know this about me, but Civilization III was the first game that really grabbed my attention for  more than a few months.  Once I noticed I'd been playing the same game for three years, I said to myself "Self, you might be a gamer."  Since Civ is such an integral part of my gaming history, I was sort of disappointed with Civilization V.  It seemed like Firaxis wasn't really adding anything new to the franchise, and apparently I wasn't the only one who noticed.

The latest dev diary for the game's expansion, Gods and Kings, aims to fix that issue by giving us eight new cultural additions, including a series first:  Religion.  After watching this I have to say, I think I am kind of excited about this expansion pack.

Civilization V: Gods and Kings will be available tomorrow for Mac and PC.  Watch the dev diary for yourself today, right after the jump.



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