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GameGeex - Final Fantasy Type Zero delayed till fall Final Fantasy Type Zero’s release date has been extended till Fall 2011 in Japan, an inconvenience brought on by PSN errors.

Fan boys, get your handkerchiefs ready. By the looks of things, the wait for Square Enix’s next big RPG, Final Fantasy Type Zero may be a tad bit longer. Originally planned for a summer release, it seems as if the Playstation Network cut offs has somehow affected the development of this Square-Enix title, pushing it until fall. Although the rest of the world has been enjoying the reconnection of  servers for the past month, it has not been more then a few days since servers have managed to comeback online in Japan.

This second instalment in the Fabula Nova Crystallis is said to be huge, jam packed with around 40-60 hours gameplay, with all the added little extras pulling it up to a grand total of around 100 hours. Final Fantasy Versus XIII has held my attention the most out of the Fabula Nova Crystallis games, the team responsible for it being the very same team that brought us the amazing Kingdom Hearts (also sharing the same famed composer, Yoko Shimomura). With Type Zero mere months away from release in Japan however, I think its best to shift attentions for a bit. From what’s been seen of the game, it looks amazing.

The bad news though is the release is only for Japan at the moment, and a North American version of the game has not had an official announcement, so us English speakers may have to wait a bit longer. There have been a nice number of great Western RPGs released over the year, and hopefully this title brings back some more of the JRPG love lost of the decade.

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