GameGeex - Assassin's Creed 3 has some tea in Boston Or maybe they're hitting up a Red Sox game?

Today Ubisoft released their Walkthrough for Assassin's Creed III featuring events that happened at Boston Harbor.  You may recall there was some tea involved, and some boats, but I bet you didn't realize it was really a battle between the Templars and the Assassin's.  It'll be interesting to see how they take on this big moment in history, and what it means in the larger story scope of the game.  I admit, I'm getting more interested in this game the more I see it, and I really am not one for American history.

Hit the jump to watch the video with me, will you?  I promise, it'll be revolutionary.



ac3-1.png (1280w x 720h)
ac3-2.png (1280w x 720h)
ac3-4.png (1676w x 943h)
ac3-5.png (1676w x 943h)
ac3-6.png (1676w x 943h)
ac3-7.png (1676w x 943h)
ACIII_Atasáta_RENDER.png (1500w x 1877h)
ACIII_Carpenter_RENDER.png (1500w x 2036h)
ACIII_NightStalker_RENDER.png (1500w x 1331h)
ac3-3.png (1280w x 720h)

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