You've played through every stage a bazillion times in Borderlands, and are counting down the minutes until Borderlands 2 launches next month.  If only there was something to tide you over, something new and yet not new, something like a retro demake of the original game.  Enter The Border Lands, a playable version of what Borderlands would have looked like in 1989 with 16-bit graphics.  Best of all, this little beauty is playable right now.

For those of you caught someplace where you can't play right now -- *cough* work *cough* -- 2K has released a video retro review of The Border Lands to whet your appetite.  I can't wait to see what Clap Trap looks like in 16-bit.  Should you have the time, head on over to to play the game yourself.  

Borderlands 2 releases for PC, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC September 21st.  



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