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You would think that selling off your game for $0.99 wouldn't do much to increase your profits, but when said discount is on Steam, great things can happen.  

Success came to the makers of PixelJunk Eden when they were part of the most recent Steam Sale, with the game being discounted from $9.99 down to a measly $0.99.  This massive price cut pushed Steam Sale addicts to snatch up the game, and it became so popular that the developer, Q-Game, doubled their income.  

This couldn't have happened to a better title.  PixelJunk Eden is one of my all time favorite games, and had I had the dollar to spend at the time I would have gladly purchased it on Steam.  Just thinking about the rhythmic music and vibrant stages makes me want to hop on over to my PS3 for some spider-winging action.

Did you get the chance to snap up this little gem during the Steam Holiday Sale?  And what do you think Q-Game should do with all this new found income?  I vote for a sequel.

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I was lucky enough to pick this up during the sale. Bravo to Q-Game, give us more!

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