This afternoon I powered up the old Game Geex Twitch stream and spent some time in Warlords of Draenor.  While I mostly stream Hearthstone, I felt more like spending some time hunting mounts, and so I did.  First though, it was important that I warmed up my skills with my daily Ashran run.  The Horde never saw me comin'.

I then completed some speed runs of too many instances to count.  I believe you'll see Karazhan and Zul'Gurub in the video below, but I also went to Stratholme, Utgarde Pinnacle, Stonecore, Malygos, and Firelands before I finally called it quits.  This was a very successful day for me, because in addition to getting a good amount of gold from selling the items that dropped, I also got me a swanky new Swift Zulian Panther.  It almost makes up for never getting the tiger to drop back in the day -- almost.  Hit the jump to watch my highlight reel from the beginning of my mount run, and if you want to see more random fights through random places in WoW (including Ruby Sanctum of all places) you can catch the full video here and here.  

What would you like to see Game Geex stream in the future?  Do you need more random laddering in Hearthstone, Agrarian Skies fun in Minecraft, or maybe a playthrough of Kentuky Route Zero?  Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to subscribe to our Twitch channel for more gaming hijinks.  

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