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One year ago today, I stepped onto this website to let you know that Game Geex was shutting its doors. A lot has changed in those 365 days, and we here at GGX were feeling a longing to talk about games again.  Maybe it's the knowledge that even though the content stopped, the readers didn't. In the past three months we have had an upsurge in viewership, where we thought no one would come to read what we wrote anymore since we stopped writing. We forgot the old addage "The Internet is forever" and we delighted to learn that our articles were being found online through search results and enjoyed by hundreds of people a month.

Something else happened over the last year: We discovered that we missed writing about games.  Personally I spent the last year writing novels, publishing one and working on two more.  I was busy, but somewhere in the back of my mind I was longing for the days when I could sit down and hammer out a simple blog post about video games and share what I know with readers.

What I said last year in our final (I suppose not so final anymore) post is still true: People get their gaming content differently than they used to.  But what we failed to realize is that there is a space online for more than just the big name blogs and the big name streamers. With our numbers holding steady over the last year, we realized that our content might not garner a community, but it does get readers.  And that is why any writer writes: To be read.

We made a mistake back in 2011 when we started this experiment. We thought that people would flock to a new gaming site just because it was new. We thought we'd get a group of loyal readers coming to us for news first, then staying to read and comment on the articles. We planned social interaction platforms, gamification of the site, huge undertakings that would lead to an entire world lived on a blog.  There was even a class system, and buffs, and...boss fights.  In short, we got ahead of ourselves and forgot that Game Geex is a framework to hang articles on, nothing more.  

And so we come back to this framework, reworking some of the technical things to make it easier to get into the site and comment so you should wish, and hopefully making the site a little easier to navigate.  The changes will continue as we go, because Arturis loves to build tools, and without worrying about damaging our imaginary community, I feel like it's time to just let him play with what he loves.

And then we're back to love.  Game Geex started as an exercise in passion.  We wanted to breed a passionate community of people who wanted to spend time here geeking out over games.  Well, we did, we just didn't realize that community was one of creators, not consumers.  It is the writing team that are the Game Geex, and that is something to be celebrated. The writers here have missed their time writing and geeking out over games.  It's high time we let them do what they love.  

So Game Geex is back, with a new mission: We're going to write articles about geek culture, primarily focused on video games.  We will write articles that cover topics readers tend to gravitate towards, as well as write articles about things we are passionate about.  We are not going to worry about the lack of comments on articles, because that's not the point of writing them.  We will write to geek, and let that be enough.

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[Frostavenger The Shy guy] @ 2:04:36 AM Feb 3, 2016
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Well I am glad to see you guys back. I for one am always looking up gameing new, But most the time I dont get it from the big named players out their. Same thing for when I watch a streamer when i rarely do. I look for the little guy more so then the big guy. When I watch streamers I like the little guy more because your able to talk to them with out 200+ people just spamming the feed. So you feel more intune with how they are playing rather then just being a viewer.

So I am glad to see you guys back and look forward to reading what you guys post again.

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