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RPG fans with inferior computers *raises hand* got some sad news today. Popular PC game The Witcher 2 got its Xbox 360 release date pushed back from holiday 2011 to Q1 of 2012. CD Projekt Red said they need more time because it's not a straight port from the PC. The press release states, “The move of the release date allows the team to spend more time expanding and polishing certain elements of the gameplay.” Guess you can't argue with wanting a few more months to get everything perfect.

Another reason for the delay is a legal dispute with Namco Bandai Partners concerning the distribution in Western Europe, Asia-Pacific and Central and South America.

Where the new release date also helps? They'll no longer be up against heavy hitters like MW3, Battlefield 3, AC: Revelations, Skyrim, Dark Souls, Saints Row: The Third, and many others. But now they'll have to contend with Mass Effect 3 and that mac-daddy pimp, Commander Shepard. Godspeed, Geralt.

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Geralt could pwn Shepard. LOL

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Unless it was female Shepard. Then there would be cross-franchise nookie.

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