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OK. This is now part four of the Dark Souls prologue trailer. To recap, yet again: Part one was kinda confusing and pointless. Part two introduced us to some powerful, creepy lords, but nothing beyond that. Part three was a pretty spectacular dragon killing spree (at the hands of said creepy lords).

And now, just for fun, I will liveblog the fourth installment. If this isn't the last one, I will flay our new kitten, Sansa Stark. She's really meek and whiny, so if I'm forced to flay her like they flay the real Sansa Stark in The Song of Ice and Fire books*, then it's a win-win.

Here we go! (UPDATE: It's all four trailers combined. Hit the jump for it.)

00:01 Blood and gore. Partial nudity. Awesome.

00:09 Not sure how I feel about their title sequence. It's a closeup on a circle of flame, then they pull back to show the circle between 'Dark' and 'Souls.' Hmm. When it's typed out like that it sounds kinda cool. Nevermind.

00:21 Wait-a-minute. Maybe I should have watched the video before writing this entire thing. THIS IS LIVE INTERNETS, FOLKS. After the intro it just says 'Prologue' without specifying part four, and everything looks familiar, so I'm thinking this is all four parts shown at once like I've been begging for. Till another day, Sansa of House Stark.

02:58 Okay, watching them all back-to-back, the trailer is a thousand times better. First three parts in a nutshell: fire bore everything, and there's a few lords that can control fire. Then the lords murder a crap-ton of dragons. Now for part four.

03:10 Graphics, once again, are top-notch. There's a huge city with tall walls in a circular pattern. Lots of detail. Sexy detail. Narrator speaks of how all of this came out of the age of fire.

03:25 We've got hands catching the tiniest, cutest firefly ever. Also an ominous warning about how only embers are left and the age of fire is over and winter darkness is coming.

03:36 We've got a woman pressing that tiny firefly ember to a very dead man's face. And oh, there's that ring of fire again.

03:54 And... that's it? Alrighty then. I was expecting maybe a tease of the protagonist at the end. Maybe you play as the very dead guy after that firefly gets a hold of you? Or, ya know, the girl that's actually alive?

Well I'm sufficiently pumped. Since the fire lords took down the dragons and the fire is almost gone, are the dragons going to make a return? Will it be up to you to light the world on fire for the sake of humanity? Will you become a FIRE LORD?

Bring the fire back October 4th on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.



*I'm kidding, put your knife away.

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