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Dark Souls has been out for a week now, and everyone is talking about it. Mostly how f*cking hard it is, but they’re talking about it nonetheless. Obviously there are those that are still wondering about taking the adventure of their lives (or deaths).

The questions you should be asking yourself are such: Are you hardcore enough to fight through hordes of demons and undead? Can you stand toe-to-toe with a gigantic wolf carrying a humongous sword in its mouth? Are you able to defeat a being that is comprised entirely of skeletons? Are you willing to get obliterated repeatedly before you can conquer a single small portion of an entire game world?

Because, as the Hardcore trailer for Dark Souls, viewable after the jump, shows, you will die. You will die a lot. Are you prepared for it?



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I can definitely attest to the difficulty of this game. IT IS RIDICULOUS

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My answer to all of those question is no, unfortunately. This looks like it is over the bar time consuming and I don't have enough time to remind myself that I am not good at a game and will never succeed. Everything in this trailer is dark and scary too, except the wolf. The wolf is kind of awesome actually, I wouldn't want to fight it because it looks too innocent to fight (except the fact that it is wielding a sword in its mouth and attacking the protagonist). I personally don't like dark and deathly games, that isn't my style. GTA is happy killing and that is why I enjoy playing that series, lol. Its cool how wolverine is featured in this game ;)

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Then I will ask you to try Saints Row: The Third. It's the definition of a game. Unrealistic gangster turf war sandbox style of game that allows you to go to the Tron Universe WHAAAAAAT?? But yea, that's happy killing.

Dark SOuls seems.... well dark... and soulish....

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Picked the game up at Redbox, played for about an hour or so.


Returned game promptly, I am not ready to be beat down like I was in FFXI.

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Once you push past the initial difficulty the game gets a lot more fun

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