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Today the Game Geex headed over to the Anaheim Convention Center to pick up our press passes for BlizzCon 2011.  Just as Arturis said, the swag bag contains a Mini Tyrael statue, a Mega Bloks Thrall figure, and a Special Edition Diablo III authenticator.  We rushed home to do a photo shoot so you could see the contents of the bag for yourselves.

The real fun begins tomorrow at 10 AM when we'll start our Liveblog of the BlizzCon Opening Ceremonies.  Check back with us in the morning as we start the Blizzard celebration in earnest.  Hit the jump to see the contents of the swag bag, as well as my lovely granite countertops.  (Countertops not included).



Here's everything we received today.  

The bag itself, just in case you wanted to know what it looked like.

The codes for Murkablo and an unannounced SC II character portrait.  We'll find out more about this tomorrow.

This year's authenticator features the big D himself.

The Mega Bloks Thrall figure is actually not that mega in person.  

And now to unbox the Mini Tyrael...

There he is, all snuggled in.

Cute, ain't he?

Yep, even in statue form he's floaty.

The End.

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That's pretty cool :o

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