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This just in from the Mists of Pandaria news desk:  The Pandaren mount has been revealed.  Introducing the Dragon Turtle, a spikey beast that takes its home with him.  No need to stable this little guy, he just tucks in for the night.  Best of all he comes preloaded with snazzy jewelry and a saddle thick enough to protect you from his less-than-smooth shell.

I think a turtle mount is silly, but a panda riding anything is silly when you think of it.  A Dragon Turtle sounds more impressive, but turtles by and large are meant to be slow moving creatures.  It's going to look strange seeing these guys at 100% mount speed.  I wonder if this will double as a water mount like the fishing turtle mount does.  There's not much else to say at this point, so I'll just show you another pretty picture and say, well, they seem to be growing on me. Just don't get your fingers anywhere near their beak, and feed them plenty of lettuce.


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i like turtles.

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[Classic Contagious Gaming] @ 12:00:24 AM May 24, 2012
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