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I admit I'm a little confused by reflowa game that sounds as if its a remastering of thatgamecompany's smash sixaxis hit, but really is an entirely new game from a small Berlin-based developer.  They tell me it a puzzle game that uses the realtime camera in your iOS device to create a black and white level, which you then fill with flowing colors by manipulating the environment and your body to get the color flowing.  They say it uses a fairly complex and realistic particle system to render both the levels and the flowing "virtual fluids."  They say it's fun to contort your body and share the solutions with your friends and competitors via Facebook, Twitter, and email.  But what confuses me, when it comes down to it, is the businessman in the video.  He's awefully flexible for a button-down.  Are all German businessmen required to be gymnasts as a job requirement?

reflow is available now in the iTunes app store for $1.99.  Hip replacement surgery not included.


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[LordYanLiang] @ 7:57:48 PM Jul 4, 2011
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The requirements for German businessmen were MUCH worse before the war.

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Lol, as cool as that looks... is that something I would be doing in public....? Yea definately.

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