You may not know this about me, but acting is a passion of mine. I love the communication and the movement of characters that I get to pretend to be. My friend Joseph Aguilar aka Shoastyle and I love making movies together. I put the thought in his head about making video game shorts for Youtube, and that lead to the video below, which I hope will be the first of many  more shorts to come in the near future. We haven't expanded past his house or garage, but the power of the green screen is limitless.

In this short, my character the boyfriend is enjoying himself playing his Mortal Kombat until the succubus comes in and attempts to tear him away from his game. There is only one way to deal with this foul beast that prevents me from doing what I love. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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I would have went for the Ground Freeze - Slide Kick - Upper Cut - Freeze - Upper Cut combo myself, just for the air juggle effect, but to each their own.

Now I want a sandwich.

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Nice moves, specially the raging head twitch.

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It would have been fine if it weren't for that text at the end, a joke or not, that's just poor taste.

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Wow, done in poor taste indeed. Way to reinforce negative gender stereotypes. No, not even, but it offensively stereotypes gamers in general. Forget it being a joke, that was completely thrown out the window with the comments at the end of the video. I'm surprised you were given the okay to post this.. Is this really an image Game Geex wants to support and associate itself with?

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Hmm I've actually never read the comments at the end. That is kinda bad :o. The video itself is fine though, it was meant to be comedic.

[fraggadier] @ 11:57:11 AM Jun 2, 2012
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No female's were harmed in the making of this film.

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Hi I'm the creator of the video, just to let everyone know please don't give my buddy a hard time about the video because he didn't add the text. For gamers that play video games as violent as they are now a days its amusing to see how text can bother you.


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By the way, I sometimes like to make sandwiches for my girlfriend. 

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Hey Joseph. It's a funny video for sure. But the film/machinima entertainment biz has quite a different outlook than the gaming industry. The video itself is a funny short. I liked it a lot. I mean, i'm a film/ multimedia major and for a short, you did great. But inside the gaming world, this stereotype is killing us internally with very negative actions that people find "normal". Don't take it the wrong way at all, we just come from two different worlds. Thanks for commenting though! Hope to see more like the fire flower one.

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Well I like to play video games also and this "stereotype is killing us internally with very negative actions that people find "normal"." thing I have no idea what your talking about. If people are willing to pay $60 in advance for video games I don't see how the game industry is being killed. If the game industry is trying to reach for a more female crowd than I find it more offensive to "adjust" our behavior for them, because I believe woman are smarter than that. Anyways, I'm sure this ain't gong to be the last time I'm going to get responses such as these, EITHER WAY THANKS FOR WATCHING! =-)

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Just a side note. I don't mean to discredit Ohan here, he had a lot of influence in the making of this video. =-)

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Just a side note. I don't mean to discredit Ohan here, he had a lot of influence in the making of this video. =-)

[fraggadier] @ 5:12:11 AM Jun 2, 2012
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Captain and Moose, I sincerely apologize to you both, I wouldn't think posting this would be that big of a deal.

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