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It might be too much to ask, but do you remember the Wii-ware game Pokémon Rumble? Pokémon Rumble was a beat-em-up starring wind up Pokémon toys. Each toy you brutally massacred had a chance to spawn a new toy for you to play with. Ultimately, each level would end with a big match in an arena fit for wrestlers and a picture of Mew-Two's silhouette, which would have text inscribed over it saying, "You are one step closer to becoming the champion."

The worst part of all of it was that I really enjoyed it. I felt blissful tackling Machops and Bidoofs. So, it doesn't surprise me too much that Nintendo has just announced today that they'll be releasing a new game for the 3DS called Pokémon Rumble Blast!

Pokémon Rumble Blast, which is set for release on October 24th, has upgraded its arsenal and now has more than 600 toy Pokémon you can bash skulls with, meaning all your favorite friends from Pokémon Black & White are there. It will feature StreetPass toy fights (like Street Fighter IV's, presumably), gigantic boss fights,  and cooperative play. I'll be playing Samurott. Because, let's be honest, a Pokémon with a sword is inherently overpowered. And awesome.

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Nothing beats a Wartortle.


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