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Origins has just announced they will be holding a “create-a-monster” contest where the winner will get to see their creation incorporated into Burning Dog Media’s upcoming MMORPG still currently in the works.

Submissions must be sent in the form of artwork, image, or text. You must also like the Origins Facebook page and follow them on twitter… really? Anyways, do what you will to try and win! Whether your creation is a four-headed cyclops dragon with gatling guns for arms or a demon mutant chinchilla, all entries are acceptable (let’s try and keep it clean now) because no one really knows what the developers are truly looking for.

All contestants get one submission… meaning you only get a single life to try and make it count! Your awesome creation is due by September 14th,2011 so I’d get to it if you intend to go for it! Creations must be sent to this email before the deadline:

My hint to people who actually read the article is the game is a mix of sci-fi and fantasy.

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