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A strange thing happens when you play a Bioware game like Mass Effect:  You create a custom character, spend hours with them, learning their mannerisms and habits, bond with them on certain level.  Then you watch a trailer for the sequel and see someone completely different than the person you journeyed with.  "That's not my Shepard," you say -- particularly if you played through the games with a female player character.

This estrangement from the promotional media has been going on for years now, but it seems that Bioware has finally come to understand the disparity between their male-centric trailers and the female-playing portion of their audience.  To this day I can recognize Jennifer Hale's voice in any game she's in, just because I played the female Shepard in my time in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.  Today Bioware release a Fem Shepard version of their Reinstated trailer for Mass Effect 3, and I felt a little more included in the universe because of it.  Plus she's a redhead, so they even built the character the way I did, which makes me no end of happy.

Watch the trailer after the jump and see if you don't, possibly, feel the same way.



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Hehe.. Every time I see the words Fem Shep, I think it's some odd internet fetish group.

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I like the look of the new Fem Shep quite a bit more than the one from ME1 and 2.  She will be a mighty fine addition to my renegade playthrough.

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