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@ 12:42:02 PM Jul 22, 2013

    Personally, I am a fan of subscription games. I don't have as much experience with a wide variety as many gamers out there but I have played a number of different titles, and I always hated the cash shop concept. Whether the game required it or not, I always felt that if I was playing a F2P game, I was missing out on a great deal of content or just plain unable to compete unless I paid the money for this item or that area.

    I know I was paying money for essentially the same thing with the subscriptions, but I felt like my money was going to a pool the company would use to bring out more content that was solidly made and thought out, rather than another pretty sword or hat that did nothing for my character except make my avatar look like as much of a geek as I actually am, rather than the bad-ass ninja-assassin that I wish I was.

    For me, it was a feeling of how my money was used. Whether it was actually true or not, I just trusted my money was being properly utilized with the subscriptions, whereas I felt any money I would have spent to unlock in-game content was just a way for the game company to make a quick buck. World of Warcraft proved to me again and again that I was right in that assumption. The Old Republic gave me hope they would as well. I had to stop playing before I could find out, but now that it is F2P, I no longer trust that I will enjoy it like I once did. I will still try it, but I am not hearing the glowing reviews I once did, and I don't see why the company would spend more money on a game they have no guarantee of recouping.

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