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So I tend to suck at filling these in but here goes. So I play World of warcraft alot. If I am not playing wow I am playing Lol with my friends. Or Playing some sort of MMO beta that I had gotten into.

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@ 1:50:36 AM Oct 11, 2014

With Garrisons they do want OTHER people who are in your party to be able to enter your garrison and par take in the Garrison invasions, Because as it stands right now on the beta its super hard to do the garrison invasions solo. Even with 625 ilvl gear(heroic dungeon lvl gear) I cant solo it as a ret pally with 5 lvl 100 followers and what not. I have a hard time just getting enough points to get Bronze never mind silver or gold.  Something that I am wondering is if you bring friends into your Garrison can they use your buildings and if they can talk to the NPC's that give you the 4hr buff towards some sort of non raiding buff.

Right now the blacksmith follower gives you a 4hr buff where your armor takes no damage lose and you have a chance to spawn a fire elemental to help you fight. If you die you lose this buff by the way!

For the whole Garrison follower system as it sits right now their are MANY levels of follower systems in play right now.  Their are short quests long quest quests that takes then a day or 2 to do. Boss quests item quest and all sorts of stuff like that. They just talked a bit about how you can send a group of followers (IF you get the quest in the  follower mission page to show up) to go to a raid lvl boss/monster, If they kill it they have a chance to come back with loot EQUAL to the lvl of raiding you have done. So if you clear x amount of mythic raiding boss's it has a chance to give you mythic ilvl loot. Like I said above you followers can help you with garrison invasions and what not. So if your follower is out doing a mission they wont show up and be able to help you out. Also if you set  a follower to a building you cant send them out on missions. Also one of your building at max level lets you pick ONE of your followers to follow you around while you quest and I do think they help you kill stuff. No idea if they get exp for helping you or what not.  

For me I am a big fan of the Draenei but sadly I do not play Alliance so I dont get to see all their back  story and what not. This expansion brings in ALOT of major faces from the Draenei that people dont know about that are very MAJOR in the lore of Wow. I also look forward to seeing Nerzhul b4 he became the Lich King.

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@ 5:46:33 PM Jul 31, 2014

World of Warcraft used to just have pets fallow you around and do nothing. But I am sure one day a Dev said hey we got over 500 pets in this game LETS do something with them. Thus Battle pets became a very big thing and a very popular thing in the game. People even made a Player Ranking system for pet battles like they did with world raid boss kills. A little While back Blizzard took a look at how many pet battles happened every Hr, I sadly dont remember the number but it was a rather big number and I was shocked to see it that high, I didnt think many people partook in pet battles because I very rarely saw people doing them. I my self made in game gold in WoW by doing a Pet lvling system for people. I MADE A TON of gold out of it.

A game I played MANY MANY years ago now was called Savage eden it had a very nice pet system in it as well. It took ALOT of hours to raise your pet dragon. But if you raised it right kept it alive it would grow and some day become stronger then your own toon its self. You could give your pet dragon armor as well. Sadly this system was abused by alot of players and would just afk with their very high lvl pet dragon in low lvl grind zones and put their pet on atk every thing. Thus alot of players died and many good grind zones where not able to be played in.

Iv owned a Tamagotchi when I was younger. I never did to well with it. Then the PPikachu version of this came out and I spent months playing the game. Raiseing my Pikachu feeding it playing slots alot and other things. Even when pokemon gold and silvers remake came out they gave you a little pokeball looking device where you could pick a pokemon that you liked to walk around with. While you walked around with it (the step counter counted your steps and thats how much exp they got) your pet would grow friendly to you and when you moved it back to the game it would gain friend points based on how much you took care of it inside this little device. You could play with it pet it and meet new friends if you passed by a person with anther one of these devices. I remember a few times when I was out and when I wasnt walking id have this thing in my hand shacking it >.>  But it was a fast way to get friendly points towards some pokemon like Riolu.

I am a very big fan of pokemon games but iv already got a wall of text going and thus I will end it here other wise id be writing a letter because when I talk about pokemon I tend to not stop talking at all.

Also sorry if some of it is jumbled up. This is why Is why I never type this much in a single post.

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