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GameGeex - The Quest is casting all geex An open casting call for a Fantasy Amazing Race show. Grab your 20 sided dice and sign up today!

Simply put, there just aren't enough gamers represented on today's reality TV. The producers of The Amazing Race aim to change that, with their upcoming show The Quest. This competition show is the brainchild of an Executive Producer of the Lord of the Rings movies, so you know they'll have at least one guy around who has geek cred.

The image above appeared on Twitter a few days ago, so the casting call has begun.  They are interested in any geeks (geex) who have a passion and want to use their geekiness to win massive amounts of cash and glory.  If you think this might be you, send the casting crew an email.  If you do apply, please drop a comment below and share with us any details you can.  I might not be able to apply, but I will watch the stuffing out of this show and can't wait to hear more.  Hit the jump to see the entire casting poster.


[via @castingmalley]

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I would apply if it wasn't for all this "Real Life" getting in the way...

[fraggadier] @ 8:34:41 PM Apr 23, 2013
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There is always room for adventure, Bilbo made room so why don't you? :p

[fraggadier] @ 6:34:41 AM Apr 23, 2013
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I applied for the quest :D

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