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The Mommie Gamer is a column covering topics that affect all mothers who game.  In this I intend to look at both the dark and light sides of gaming, not only from a parent's perspective, but also from a woman's. 

Cancer is one of the scariest words in the English language.  When faced with the reality behind that word, people react in a variety of ways. Some become consumed by fear, others get angry.  But one grandmother decided to fight and used the unlikliest of tools to help her cope: World of Warcraft.

The experience of cancer survivor Terry Bolt and her use of immersion in the world of Azeroth has been captured in a documentary entitled WoW Mom.  This project is the brainchild of Terry's daughter Andy Bolt, as well as the Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick who when hearing about Terry and how she was playing WoW to cope with her diagnosis, insisted that they send Terry to BlizzCon.  Andy felt there was a story to tell here, a story other survivors needed to hear, and so filmed the experience.  Thus the film was born.

This project is on the last leg of its Kickstarter campaign, and while I don't normally promote crowdfunding campaigns as a general rule, this documentary speaks to the very reason I started The Mommie Gamer column.  Here is a powerful example of how gaming can positively affect the lives of women and mothers, how it can keep us from dispair and giving up to the fear that sometimes fills our lives.  

If you can, please contribute to this campaign, and help bring WoW Mom to the finish line.  For as little as $25.00 you can be rewarded with a digital copy of the movie when it is finished next September.  If you are the hard copy type, a $45.00 contribution will net you a physical DVD.  I've linked the campaign video below.  If you cannot contribute, or even if you can, please share this post with others so we can get as many eyes on this as possible.


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