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Legendary Pictures has recently spoken up about the filming of the World of Wacraft movie.  It appears that we will actually get a chance to see this movie before the game dissipates into the annals of game history -- perhaps as soon as 2015.

The movie's producer Chris Roven told Slashfilm that they will begin filming the MMO-based movie next year.  “First quarter 2014 we’re going to shoot that movie,” Roven told Germain while discussing Legendary’s plans. “We’re moving forward; obviously Legendary is making that film and I’m having a great time with Duncan.”

At this point I think the clamor for this movie has passed along with Sam Raimi's involvement.  Yes I love the game and yes I will be happy to see it, but I think 2009 was when this movie should have come out.  Back when everything about the MMO was still new and the player base had not become so jaded.  Now it seems likely that we won't see the movie until after the last expansion hits, and that means even less people will be interested in seeing it. Will poor timing on Blizzard's part mean failure at the box office? Elune only knows.


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Is the movie live-action? I figure it would be since at the level of perfection Blizzard dishes out cinematics, a full-CGI movie would take yearssssss.

[Mandifesto] @ 1:46:23 AM Jun 4, 2013
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Yes, I am sorry to say it is.  They really should do an animated feature, but someone decided not to.  They are shooting themselves in the other foot with that one.

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