As you may or may not know, Sucker Punch is busy building their next installment of the Infamous franchise, Infamous Second Son.  Today they released a dev diary focusing on the motion capture acting and graphics capabilities that they have developing for the PlayStation 4. Check out the video after the jump.  Extra points if you can count the number of dots on the actor's face.

For those who haven't heard about this game, I'm also including the announcement trailer so you can meet Deslin Rowe for yourself.




Infamous_Second_Son5.png (960w x 540h)
Infamous_Second_Son1.png (960w x 540h)
Infamous_Second_Son3.png (960w x 540h)
Infamous_Second_Son4.png (960w x 540h)
Infamous_Second_Son2.png (960w x 540h)

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I am so looking forward to getting my Infamous fix ^_^

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This looks really cool. I wonder how gameplay mechanics are going to work for this pyromaniac. The first one, we used electricity so traveling through power lines and such was nifty.

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