During the Sony PlayStation press conference, we were treated to a small sneak peak of The Dark Sorcerer: A Next Gen Comedy, a tech demo running on PlayStation 4 hardware and created by Quantic Dream. In what we saw, the titular Sorcerer found himself having a bad time getting into his villainous role, and his goblin henchman's comments were of little consolation. As it turns out, that sneak peak was only a tiny fraction of the entirely awesome 12 minute long performance.

Hit the jump below and watch the full video in all it's next generation glory (mild language warning!). Keep in mind, this was all rendered on the PS4 in real time, and is not a pre-rendered cinematic. If this is what they can do with Sony's brand new hardware, I cannot wait to see how games look after a few years of the developers getting used to the system.


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That was brilliant! Sony, you won...  please leave the stage. 

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FINALLY had time to watch this! It was funny and all, but the "rendered in realtime" bit made me clap and shriek. That's it, I'm a Sony girl again. I didn't give two figs for the PS3, didn't feel like I'd ever use, the PS4 seems the only gaming device premiered at E3.

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