Anonymous, the internet vigilante group working to promote freedom of speech against government and large corporations, has finally popped up once again after a long period of being quiet. This time, they have formally announced that they plan an attack on Sony for supporting the controversial SOPA bill that's being run through congress.

A simple video, which you can view after the jump, clearly, and passionately, declared Sony as a target for placing their support behind the bill. The bill in question, if passed, would essentially give the government the ability to forcefully remove material that they deem to violate copyright laws, including shutting down entire websites, even if they weren't really violating anything. Despite the growing list of other video game companies that back this bill, which include Nintendo and Electronic Arts among others, Sony may likely stand out for the group because of the legal issues that popped up earlier in the year involving one George Hotz.

The attack that was initiated on Sony back in the Spring, which kept PSN down for a whole month, was done by the group Lulzsec, an offshoot of the Anonymous group that disbanded back in June. Chances of this being the same group of people is minimal, since there are numerous offshoots of Anonymous lead by different people, though stranger things have happened.  Either way, expect Sony to have some kind of counter measure lined up if this new threat follows through.




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