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A horrible fate has stricken the PSP! Come the end of September, the Playstation Network will no longer have comics available for PSP users. This is most likely due to the system being superseded by the PS Vita. This seems odd, since they recently released an ultra-cheap PSP, similar to how they handled the PS2 after the PS3 came out. Why shut down services if you’re still supporting a platform? As a user of this service, I’m a bit disappointed; I would think this is a great asset to the PSP, and might help it stay alive for as long as possible.

I always thought the digital comic store was a neat idea, especially their model of giving you the first issue of a comic free, and only charging less than two dollars for the next one. I’ve sunk at least 15 dollars into my small collection, and I’m sure I’ll revisit it soon.

The comic reader itself was also very good, as you could either browse freely across the pages, let it take you panel to panel, or even have it do camera movements based on the scene, like shaking or slow panning. It also features a music player, and a very easy to use UI. Unfortunately I’ve had downloads of up to 100mb for a SINGLE COMIC, which is ridiculous considering some are less than 10mb.

With the Vita getting its worldwide release on the 22nd  and 23rd of February , it’s probably a good idea to start laying PSP features to rest. If you haven’t checked it out it’s definitely worth downloading a few free comics to at least try out the service before it is closed.

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