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There's been quite a bit of talk regarding the Playstation 4 “Orbis” completely ditching disc-content altogether for a completely digital distribution platform. Of course, everything is just a rumor this early in the game since Sony hasn’t really released much Orbis information yet, but apparently, they have decided to keep the disc instead of going for 100% downloadable content. A smart move if you ask me because not every part of the world has access to hi-speed internet connection like some of us do and their download-only PSPGO got a lot of negative reviews for this aspect.

As convenient as downloading everything is, I’ve always enjoyed having a physical copy of the game as a console gamer. Though, since they plan to still have physical copies of games, I wonder if Sony still plans to block the usage of used games said in a statement made awhile back. Might as well be patient since unfortunately, nothing is confirmed…

E3 is coming up but Sony and Microsoft aren’t likely to talk about their next-generation consoles at the event. Hopefully we’ll get some sort of “leak” because I’m dying to know more details! Will I be able to beam games from my brain to the console?? Who knows?

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